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Sonia Rykiel Ligne Lola Shoulder Bag: The Comback Kid (?)

In the early 90’s Sonia Rykiel sweats and hoodies were the thing to wear, it was the precursor to the Juicy Couture blow up when it was actually chic to walk around in pajamas. Sonia Rykiel sweats at least looked a bit dressier, like what you imagined Liz Taylor wore when lounging about. And then the fancy, cutesy sweater brand turned up really horrific bags and I stopped caring. But this, this is fantastic. I love this subtle color blocking, which is more like a saffron bag with black trim, the adjustable straps uses studs which is also an aesthetic detail to give the ladylike shape a bit of edge. This even has my favorite under-the-flap-pockets, two of them, one on each side of the jewel worthy buckle. I have good feelings for this brand, I just hope my expectations aren’t too high because I hate the let down. At Shopbop for $1040.



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