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Sprayology Diet Power: Spray Away the Pounds?


Weight loss in a homeopathic spray? While it sounds too easy to be true, it’s got to be worth a try. I don’t even want to lose weight, but I decided to try Sprayology‘s Diet Power and be a guinea pig for the sake of this article! The ten-year-old, all-natural, and FDA-approved line of sprays includes potions to help with everything from jet lag to snoring to acne to aging.

The Diet Power spray consists of ingredients to target four areas: excessive appetite (for example, pancreas extract and sea kelp), cravings (Gambogia ), low energy (witch hazel, liver extract), and water retention (goose grass and honey bee!). It also has 9% organic alcohol, which surprised me, as the suggested dosage for ages 2-12 is one spray. (Though I doubt many parents are giving Diet Power to their kids. At least I hope not.)

You spritz two sprays, which taste pleasant enough, under the tongue before each meal. Within ten minutes of misting, I was very alert – a bit wired if you must know – and not a bit hungry. Since it’s homeopathic, I didn’t panic. But not only was my appetite suppressed, I was hyper and talkative. Maybe I’m just high-energy to begin with – or maybe I have a much lower alcohol tolerance than I ever realized!

After three days and losing two pounds, I threw in the towel. If you’re looking to lose weight fast, this Sprayology might be for you. Now I’m interested in trying the immune booster and PMS support sprays! At Sprayology for $32.



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  1. When I started reading this article, I thought it MUST be some type of joke. Yet, in reading through it I understand the principles of the spray, and how it impacts the body. Good read, for sure…