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Sun Shade Botanical Aftersun Gel: Shelve the Porcelain (Look)!


I spent the last two months in Asia whitening my skin, only to come home to 110º weather that necessitates lazy afternoons at the pool. So goodbye to the exotic white look; I’m ready to embrace the bronzed glow again. Luckily, I tan easily without burning (takes only 20 minutes, no joke), but after a few hours in the sun, my skin feels dry.

I have found the most healing aprè sun gel ever! Liz Earle‘s Sun Shade with organic aloe, cucumber, lavender and vitamin E is about the best there is. It absorbs easily into the skin, and is not sticky like traditional aloe often is. The cucumber and aloe vera are cooling and refreshing; the lavender is soothing; and the antioxidant vitamin E is a natural protector from the sun’s harmful rays. It covers all the bases! One lather and my skin is instantly moist and revived. And it’s also great auto-bronzer extender! Tan, here I come! At Liz Earle for $25.



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