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Thakoon for Somalia Scarf

One of my favorite designers has just added philanthropist to his growing list of titles. 100% of proceeds from Thakoon‘s limited edition checkered red/blue scarf will go towards the Somalia famine relief efforts. Yes you read that correctly, 100% of proceeds, not just a measly 10 or 20%, Thakoon means business and he needs you to help! $250 to sleep better at night knowing you made some sort of contribution, it’s worth every penny! Not to mention this scarf will instantly update your wardrobe for fall!
I ordered Thakoon’s cobalt gathered front tunic (below) hot off the runway from Thakoon’s F/W 2011 collection a few months ago, the scarf will be perfect for casual days when I want to wear it with distressed jeans. I am buying this scarf as you read this, shopping with a chic purpose, isn’t that the best way to do it?

Buy Thakoon for Somalia scarf here!



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