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Stephen Dweck Tiger's Eye and Quartz Cushion Ring: A Quartz in the Rough


A statement piece so unique makes for the best ring I’ve laid eyes on in a long time. By using a rectangular piece of Tiger’s eye (I’m starting to think ol’ Tiger’s eye is really having a moment this season) as the base for an enormous multi-faceted smoky quartz, Stephen Dweck has brought arresting creativity to the commonly seen sparkly cocktail ring. A bronze setting unites the rougher Tiger’s eye and more feminine quartz. Overall, an ingenious way to use Tiger’s eye, a gemstone that’s not often shone in the best light. It’s like a stage for the quartz, and somehow the stage is almost better than the main act! When you don this gem it should probably be the only jewel you wear. And the cooler, more casual the ensemble, the better. This is the diva and deserves center stage! At Bergdorf Goodman for $585.

Pair with: I love a big wallop of a cocktail ring with a stunning yet understated little clutch, such a treat for your hands. Indulge in some clean, minimal geometry via Rochas‘ tab clutch, in creamy neutral. Rochas Tab Clutch, $980.




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