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Top 5 Rugged Boots: Hanging Tough

The shoes you wear can determine your entire demeanor. They are the foundation for your gait, stance, and yes, mood. Sometimes you want a boot that brings out the rough-and-tumble in your nature, the tough girl, the confident, “you don’t wanna mess with me” swagger. And it’s refreshing to wear boots that can withstand being kicked around a bit, that you don’t have to watch their every move to make sure they’re not getting ruined. Here’s to the top five boots that aren’t afraid to fight.

1) Acne Leather and Rubber Wedge Ankle Boots:

Function meets form when lug rubber is sculpted into a curvy wedge. A rubber toe cap heightens the ruggedness of this otherwise smooth ankle boot. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $770.

2) Nicholas Kirkwood Leather Buckle Ankle Boots:

These are no so much rugged as they are freaking hot! That strap across the heel? It’s killing me! You should definitely take your bondage straps with a side of stiletto. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,130.

3) Gucci “Edie” Ankle Boots:

You don’t have to go full-throttle. You can ease into the rugged boot with a tapered toe, which balances out the heavy motorcycle hardware. For those who don’t want to go all-out construction worker. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $840.

4) Ann Demeulemeester Lace-Up Mid-Calf Boots:

This is some serious edge, but how can you talk about rugged boots without Demeuelemeester? Just a hint of a heel (you can’t get much lower than this), military snaps, and masculine details. If you’ve never tried their boots, you are torturing your feet for no reason, they’re crazy comfortable. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,480.

5) Fendi Tall Rabbit-Fur Lined Boots:

Sweet on the inside, tough on the outside. A furry interior keep you cozy, while a stylish outer of high-shine textured leather and engineer-boot reference keeps you cool. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $820.



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  1. I have the Gucci pair…bought them last year. I cannot tell you how they became my “go to” pair of boots. I love them…and the leather they are made from…beautiful. A tough looking boot with the best construction and materials…you cannot go wrong.