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ADAM Long Wrap Coat: Sugar-Coat Your Chilly Days


Good thing I never exactly claimed to be logical when it comes to shopping (although ask Tina and she’ll tell you what a practical shopper I am!). I am in the midst of a coat-buying frenzy, and the temperature still only hits the high 60’s at its coldest here in LA. I might need to purge after this layer-oriented shopping spree, as I’ve already taken over the hall closet as my coat closet. But this is the season of coats, so what’s a girl to do?! Fashion never claimed to be rational, either.

That’s why I refused to turn down this asymmetrical-cut, two-tone wool coat by ADAM. Most coats tend to get too formal and serious (a sharp collar, double-breasting, golden buttons) for everyday wear, especially during the day. This has enough length for warmth, but with the simple sprig-lock closure at the neck and no collar or fuss anywhere else, it’s casual and weekend-ready. From the top it’s a pleasingly plain cream coat; from the bottom, with a thick panel of brushed tweed, it has the tossed-on feel of a poncho. I love the movement of the pointed hem, and best of all, it’s not an actual raggedy, sloppy poncho – it’s an irresistible coat! On ShopBop for $795.

Pair with: You can bring another element of the asymmetrical without being obvious. Wear Haider Ackerman‘s laced, zipped, and stitched ankle boots, and you have a cold-weather look that’s kicked up a notch. Haider Ackerman Asymmetrical Ankle Boot, $1,880.




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