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AHAVA Mineral Botanic Micro Peeling Body Wash: Scrub A Dub Dub



AHAVA is quickly becoming my all time Frugal Snob favorite beauty line. And I shouldn’t even qualify it by saying it’s a Frugal Snob favorite, it is a favorite all around. Their body treatments and products are incredible. This Micro Peeling Body Wash is no different. It feels so good it begs me to the shower, my favorite time of day anyway! The creamy non lathering creamy body wash has grounded up seeds of olives and apricots. It is infused with water lily for calming and guarana for invigorating. Guarana is a plant that has a chemical similar to caffeine, so it makes your skin come back to life! A great way to start the day, although I shower at night and it doesn’t keep my awake. The seed grinds gently exfoliates the skin, I turn the water off so I can take my time with each body part before it gets washed away by the water. These are round granules so it is not a rough scrub, but it gets the job done. I love getting a good scrub in my underarms to fully scrub away all deodorant residue. As soon as the water washes it away, you can feel how smooth your skin is. The soft scent is so nice and the formulation leaves your skin moisturized and supple so you don’t even need to lotion afterwards. I’m addicted!! At Drugstore.comicon for $21.49.

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  1. wow, it sounds really amazing. Particularly, if i don’t even need to put lotion after using this product, which is super great since it will save me lots of time. where can I buy this product in Canada?

  2. This is available at regular drugstores and pharmacies here so I would start with those. If not, you can get it online and delivers to Canada.