Alexander Wang 2012 Collection: True Grit

The clothes may have been all edge and sport, revolving around magnified mesh, cargo pockets by the dozen (on floral-print peplum, no less!), off-center backpacks, leather Wild-West bandanas, motocross helmets, and sweat-slick hair, so Wang left it to the shoes to shoulder the sophistication. With pointy toes and moderate heels, he achieved his trademark balance of grit and polish (always significantly heavier on the grit, of course).

These aren’t your ordinary strappy sandals and pointy pumps. The straps read more like bondage-like panels, thick-ish ankle straps added the sex appeal, and the angular heels, slightly daintier than expected, served as a necessary counterpoint. Whether in lacquered white or textural reptilian leathers, these are the shoes Wang needed to finish off a high-impact, far-out, and eccentrically feminine collection.

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One thought on “Alexander Wang 2012 Collection: True Grit

  1. This is the perfect shoe, sexy, gritty, and wearable. Love them, I will add these to my list of things to purchase.

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