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Amber Hagen Cashmere Hoodie: Baby Love Big Trouble


Funny, if you have a boy and a girl, you must get this set when together reads “Baby Love Big Trouble“! Isn’t that the truth, especially if you have twins. But even if you only have one or the other, it’s still a must because cashmere is a luxury that tots deserve. For cold weather wool is just a bit too rough and scratchy, and besides, I keep all of my nice cashmere as keepsakes. Now that I have a niece, I will be able to further justify my purchases since they will be passed down with much gratitude! These zip up hoodies with kangaroo pockets are great for everyday wear, these are just the cozy coverup they need and are great for layering under a puffer coat for serious chills. I love the ribbed knit on the pockets making them the focal point. On the front that is, the real show is on the back. The winged heart and motorcycle motifs are not your typical romper room designs, which is very greatly appreciated! At Barneys New York for $180.



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