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Artemis Wragge Cashmere and Silk-Blend Scarves: Wrap Stars


Prepare to get spoiled. I discovered this line at a designer show in LA last year, eagerly waiting for it to be available at retail to share. With brilliant weaving techniques, Artemis Wragge knows the art of cashmere better than anyone. Even better, they know it doesn’t have to be solid and simple to be luxurious. These two feather-light cashmere and silk-blend scarves stand out in the pack. Unique in design and deluxe in their silky-softness, the feel is so amazing you would think you’ve invested in a $2,000 silk-cashmere scarf.

The coral print ($395) is a spindly-chic take on under-the-sea reef, more gothic than beachy, but it’s the quirky Memento Mori print that’s really intriguing. The osteology-inspired skull motif ($395) adds plenty of edgy interest, but when wrapped around, it’s more abstract than the louder McQueen skull look. Both finely knit, eyelashed-trimmed scarves are a perfect and easy way to dress up your fall wardrobe. To make them even more romantic, they come in the most amazing box presentation, packaged like precious gems.



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  1. i’m sorry, how is this ‘brilliant weaving techniques’?

    ig you knew anythign about weaving, you would know this is basic. and surface printed.

    learn yr stuff, snobs!