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BORBA Firming Body Cleansing Serum: Spandex for Your Skin, Literally


I had to try this product because it sounded so gimmicky. It’s one of those products that boast exotic ingredients like Guanabana, Gotu Kola, Marigold, Cat’s Claw, echinacea, Licorice and Guava. This is per the usual, strange sounding fruits and botanicals that must work because they sound so cool!! But it’s the Hydrolyzed Spandex Fiber that really impressed me. Wow, really? You think that adding spandex into a body wash will actually make my skin act like spandex? But I’m not about to throw away my Spanx just yet. Although this is a good body wash – it smells like a super yummy fruit smoothy and it lathers really well, the actual serum is very thick (because of the spandex fibers, I’m assuming) so you don’t need to use much to gather a very good lather but I’m not counting on it to do what it claims. Since I did buy it and I enjoy it as a body wash, I will finish using it and see what happens. I found some weird creases on my chest that was quite disturbing. I would hate to have a wrinkly cleavage on top of the fact that I don’t have a good cleavage, so I will focus my efforts in that region when using this. I will report back if anything spectacular happens in regards to the elasticizing of my skin. At Drugstore.comicon for $20.



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