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Céline vs. J.Crew: Dollars vs. Sense


Go J.Crew for delivering some great Frugal Snob options these days! The one that really jumped out at me is the Edie purseicon ($238), a classic flap shoulder bag with a precision-similar vibe to the Céline. Smooth, sleek, and the archetypal modern ladylike bag: this season, every girl who aims to look polished needs a style like this.

J.Crew to the rescue of those with a lot more on their fall-shopping lists than one little bag. You might think $238 for J.Crew is steep, but keep in mind that Céline’s interpretation is $3,650! Enough said: I’ll take that galactic price difference and spend it on the rest of my wardrobe, without sacrificing the same paired-down chic look on my shoulder. I’m not saying it’s anywhere close to Céline’s caliber, but. J.Crew has a surprisingly high level of quality. It just lacks the meticulousness and sharpness of its more expensive sister. The critical difference is in the polish: you know it when you see it. Regardless, you’re getting a lot for $238: theirs even has an optional top handle, which will adjust to eveningwear.

And you can even emulate Céline’s glamour when it comes to color. The lipstick red is HOT – the only color I would even consider. Of course, black is a practical standby, but the pecan just looks a bit too schoolteacher for my taste. Regardless of what color defines your sense of secretary-chic, who knew J.Crew would ever give Céline a run for their money?



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  1. I loved this frugal find until I found a problem with it: it’s strap is not adjustable. Unlike the Celine box bag, I don’t believe one can wear it crossbody. I really like and need the hands-free convenience of a crossbody bag these days.