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CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream: Two Birds With One Cream


Purell is so bad for you hands, it is pure alcohol and will dry out your skin. It’s so terrible I didn’t even use it when I had newborns, I just washed my hands a lot. I use a Jurlique moisturizing hand sanitizer but it just doesn’t dry out your hands, it doesn’t add moisture. Not like this actual moisturizer from Clean, it is anti-bacterial hand cream so you get both in one application. It is a lightweight lotion that has no signs of it being anti-bacterial, there is no alcohol and no Triclosan, which is a controversial ingredient found in many anti-bacterial products. Studies have shown that triclosan alters hormone regulation in animals and that too much use of it can make bacteria resistant to antibiotics. So make sure to check the label of anti-bacterial products in your home!!

This easy to absorb lotion does a good job softening the hands with Vitamin E, avocado, jojoba and grape seed oil. You don’t need to use too much because it is very emollient and easy to spread throughout the body (yes, I use it all over!). I love knowing that I am safely protecting myself from dryness and bacteria all at the same time! It is so convenient to keep handy in the kitchen and in your bag. It is also safe to use on children so instead of dousing them with Purell all the time, I can give them a hand treatment after playing in the park instead of the usual harsh sterilization. I have the “Ultimate” scent which is nice and soft but it also comes unscented or Shower Fresh. At Amazon for $18.



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  1. That study on Triclosan is a good 10 years old. It also was a highly inconclusive study. Triclosan is still used worldwide in microbiology labs as an antimicrobial handwash, and students still do experiments testing the effectiveness of various types of these antiseptics including Microshield T (whose main active ingredient is Triclosan).

    Sorry for that little rant, but I’m a budding microbiologist/chemist, so I just thought you should know that there is nothing wrong with Triclosan, but it does dry out your skin. It also kills the natural bacterial flora of your skin, which is very bad for your immune system as it makes you vulnerable to pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria.

    Personally, I think this is a good idea, but from a quick read of the active ingredients (Avocado/Grap seed/Jojoba oil) on Sephora, I don’t think it will be highly effective as a sanitiser. Since I’m in the lab a lot, I’ve taken to just thoroughly washing my hands whenever I can and just carrying around a small tube of moisturiser.

  2. Those are great points! Thank you for sharing. I totally can see how working in a lab would have different antibacterial requirements than just your average daily grime. That is definitely something to consider, if you have seriously scary dirt to clean off, I would for sure opt for something stronger.