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H2O Plus Spa Sea Moss Black Sand Scrub

I have new favorite body scrub thanks to H2O Plus Spa Sea Moss Black Sand Scrub ($18.50). The only reason I even tried it is because it was black and call me juvenile, but the thought of lathering up in black scrub had fun appeal! When I actually did it however I realized that the color is also ingenious. I don’t know if this happens to you, but more often than not I’ll step out of the shower only to find scrub residue still on my body (usually on my chest/upper back). With this scrub — because it’s black — that never happens. I give myself a quick scan in my bathroom mirror before stepping out and voila I’m actually clean! I scrub my knee and back everyday in the shower so I look for gentle body exfoliators (this one has fine, sand-like particles), that work well in water. This one sticks and gets the job done no matter how wet the skin I’m applying it on is. It doesn’t have a smell that I could discern (though they say it’s lightly scented with “water lily and lush marine accords”), feels good, and is effective – a winner in my book! As far as what it’s formulated with, its got Irish moss, sea salt, aloe, and provitamin B.


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  1. Sounds like a perfect scrub! I’ll have to give it a try. I love using a good scrub to clean the pours on my face every now and then, it seems to make my makeup go on smoother, and makes my face feel a lot cleaner of course!