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Homemade Soda: Totally Delish With No Rubbish


Strictly milk and water is not cutting it at my house anymore. Now that my tots are bigger, they have discovered that other people are drinking different things, specifically, soda. I don’t even like to give juice to my tots because of all the refined sugar and my pediatric dentist specifically sites apple juice as promoting cavities. Yes, I cave and they have learned to love Coke and Sprite but I refuse to stock these items at home. So what’s a mom to do? Thanks to my favorite vegetarian restaurant (which I’m NOT!), I learned to make a soft drink that is so incredibly delicious and absolutely healthy!! In fact, my variation is even healthier because I use honey instead of agave nectar. There is debate as to the goodness of agave nectar, but from what I read, it is so processed that the actual chemistry of the agave has been changed during the production so it is in fact higher in fructose than honey, 90% to be exact.

My recipe could not be easier.

1 bottle of club soda

1 lemon

1 lime

1 orange (or any combination of 2 fruits but I like to include orange because it adds natural sweetness)

2 tbsp of honey (or to taste)

Serves 4

Spoon honey in a pitcher, add the club soda and squeeze the juice of all the fruit. Stir and serve. If you have a Citrus Squeezer this should take you all of 5 minutes. A great treat for the whole family and is only 80 good calories per serving, mostly from the honey. I’m sure you have these ingredients readily available so make it right away!



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