Hydros Bottle: Handy, Healthy Water


I will never buy another bottle of water again! At least I don’t plan on it, thanks to two very forward-thinking college guys. With an ambition to rid the world of wasteful bottled water, the best friends came up with this ingenious idea at 4am in the basement of their study hall!

Their Hydros Bottle has a Fast-Flow Filter that reduces chlorine and unsavory, unhealthy particles. The water tastes clean and refreshing, not unlike Evian or Fiji. With this 24 oz. bottle (BPA-free and dishwasher safe), you can drink purified water anywhere, anytime, and not worry. I especially love the fact that it significantly reduces our earth’s carbon footprint. You’ll never need to throw those plastic bottles away again. Just replace the filter every three months, and you’ll have healthy water at your fingertips. And for every bottle sold, $1 goes to sustainable water projects to help the nearly one billion people who don’t have access to water. At Hydros Bottle for $29.99.

2 thoughts on “Hydros Bottle: Handy, Healthy Water

  1. The idea seems like the one for the Bobble water bottle. And that looks better atheistically.

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