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Top 5 Rainbow Brights: Trend-Spotting a Bright Idea


In the midst of your fall shopping frenzy, have you noticed that your new color palette is looking a little…dull? Nude tans, chocolate browns, steely blacks, and cool gunmetals are as practical as can be (and I love them for it!), but now that we’ve ditched our neon nails, we are in need of a new way to integrate hot colors into our dress code. What better – and more unexpected way -than via our jewels? Pick any dynamic piece from our selection of rainbow-bright baubles, and you’ve instantly infused your look, even if it’s head-to-toe pitch-black, with enough oomph to last you until the trees have shed all their leaves.

1) Tom Binns Fauve Hand-Painted Swarovski Crystal Necklace: The king of neon bling is your go-to guy for standout jewels that possess an even mix of old-world elegance and unadulterated spunk, like this juicy, citrus-hued layered necklace. Tom Binns Fauve hand-painted Swarovski crystal necklace for $975.

2) Antik Batik Moscou Bead and Resin Multistrand Necklace: Rely on eclectic Antik Batik for a rustic approach to bright strands. Insanely plentiful beaded layers of resin and brass, in powerful yet autumnal tones of plum and orange, invite an Indian summer. Antik Batik Moscou bead and resin multistrand necklace for $180.

3) Venessa Arizaga Fruit Cake Silver-Plated Charm Bracelet: Chiquita Banana is here to stay! Arizaga has put a hilarious spin on the silver link bracelet, weaving it with perky thread and finishing it with fruity charms made of wood and shells. Venessa Arizaga Fruit Cake silver-plated charm bracelet for $175.

4) Missoni Woven-Knit and Chain Bracelet: Rely on Missoni’s enduring knit to give mega-brights an approachable makeover. A woven knit, braided for interest and complete with adorable carrying pouch, is punctuated by candy red and bright violet colors and a slinky silver chain. Missoni Woven-knit and chain bracelet for $600.

5) Erickson Beamon Neon Lucite and Diamanté Crystal Earrings: Star light, star bright, whose ears will shine tonight? Black diamanté crystals are the glamorous punk frames for Day-Glo Lucite stones. Pull your hair back into a confident chignon and let your earrings speak for themselves. Erickson Beamon Neon Lucite and diamanté crystal earrings for $480.



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