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Kelly Wearstler Fashion Week Giveaway!

Kelly Wearstler introduces a clutch that is as bold and dramatic as the interior designs she is known for.  She designed the Viceroy in Santa Monica (I’m a regular because I love the space so much!!), Palm Springs, Miami and Anguilla, as well as the Tides in Miami Beach.  She will be debuting her bag collection at Bergdorf Goodman where she already has a namesake collection of decorative home accessories and furniture.  As with her interior design aesthetic, this embroidered clutch with pyrite clasp mixes an old world feel with modern details for an infused look that is genuinely unique.  The oversized pyrite clasp would be enough of a focal point on its own, the craters and sparkles look like a meteor that has just fallen out of the sky but add that on top of a lambskin lapis body with irregular embroidery and you’ve got yourself a statement piece that speaks volumes to personal style.  No wonder, since Kelly Wearstler was voted as one of this year’s best dressed by Vogue for her distinctive personal style.

So what can be a better or more appropriate giveaway for September to celebrate Fashion Week than this Embroidered Clutch with Pyrite, worth $895 as well as her signature home accessories piece, the Brass Double Hand Sculpture to properly display your clutch, worth $1295 for a total prize value of $2190.  The clutch will be available at on 9/22 but you will be the first to have one of your own from us!  To enter, sign up to receive our weekly newsletters.  If you already receive our newsletter, you must do so again in order to qualify for this giveaway.  One entry per person please.  US residents only.  Giveaway ends on Sept. 30 at 11:59 EST.  We will choose a winner via a random computer drawing on Oct. 1, 2011.  Good Luck!!




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  1. Im loving the orange string accent! What a great Sunday brunch clutch!! Kelly, you’re truly talented!. All the best on your new line!! (-:

  2. How original and it is absolutely stunning. This clutch would absolutely be the talk of all my friends. luv your work again….absolutely stunning!!