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Laura Geller Lip Heal and Seal Gloss: Our Lips are Sealed



Can one product do everything? This Lip Heal and Seal claims it can protect your lips, heal dry cracked lips and give you a shiny finish. Seems a lot to ask but look again and you will discover that this ingenious tube has a tube within the tube so you are actually dispensing 2 separate products with one squeeze. Pretty cool but what’s really cool is the result. I have cracked dry lips that I keep unattractively chewing at but the dry scales bother me and I want them gone! I use gloss but sometimes it causes further damage. I find doubling up on balm and gloss to be too globby and a hassle, but this has both in one convenient swipe. With just a few applications, I have noticed smoother lips even after the product is no longer on my lips. The seal helps keep lipstick in place if you are using this as a top coat. The gloss is a high shine that isn’t subtle, it doesn’t feel uncomfortably sticky but it’s not light. I still love it and now I won’t be caught chewing on my lips looking like a teenager. At

icon for $20.



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