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Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Collection


I’ve been waiting for Le Metier de Beaute to come out with a line of skincare and it seems they finally heard my prayers! If you’ve experienced the life changing Peau Vierge you’ll understand my excitement. This month, Le Metier de Beaute will debut its skincare line at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Like all Metier products, the Anti-Aging Treatment collection is chicly packaged in glossy black lacquered tubes and jars. I received a few samples for review (I know, I am the luckiest girl alive!) including the Revive Eye Concentrate, the Anti-Aging Night Créme, Replenishing Daily solution and the Revitalizing Anti-Aging Day Créme.

Being an eye cream junkie, the Revive Eye Concentrate ($175) was the first thing I opened. I love that it comes in a tube with a self pump– I hate dipping my fingers into eye cream jars and always use mini spatulas, god knows what’s hiding under my nails! The texture is on the heavy side so make sure you rub your ring fingers together (this also saves on product!) to heat up the cream for better absorption. This is a very moisturizing and rich eye cream so a little goes a very long way, especially during the day if you wear eye make up. The eye concentrate contains a hydrating protein-peptide complex, said to penetrate the frail under-eye dermis. I’ve only used this a week so it’s too early to tell but so far, so good. I woke up at 4am Wednesday to catch an early flight to NYC and I did notice less puffiness than usual. Very excited to see the results in the coming months– will keep you posted!

The Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Night Créme, the big daddy of the line at $350 an ounce, is my favorite out of the four products sent to me. Powered by .5% retinol and Coenzyme Q10 (.1%)– it is calibrated to optimize the body’s nighttime natural recuperation process for faster results. I have to say, retinol products usually stink but this one has a pleasant odor with a very light fragrance. Amongst other things, retinol is a great pore shrinker. Now this is not to be used daily, you only need it 2-3 times a week as a booster to the other products. Like the eye cream, a tiny bit is all you need and warm it up in the palm of your hand before applying. I do notice a difference on the nights that I use this, my skin is more smooth the next morning. So why wouldn’t you just use a prescription retinol you ask? Because it is less harsh than pure retinol as it is blended with Syntoc + Power4 anti aging complex and other enzymes and peptides. These ingredients combined allow each to be delivered 24x deeper into the skin. By the way, botox addicts will be happy to hear that this is said to extend benefit of injectable fillers in your face.

The Replenishing Daily Solution ($225) with SPF 30, lightweight cream with vitamin E, aloe, sodium hyaluronate and sodium pca. This goes on very easily and absorbs quickly, you can skip sunscreen as it contains a broad spectrum spf. Made of yummy smelling and deeply hydrating oils like cucumber (rich source of vitamin C), avocado, hazelnut, and jojoba combined with shea butter. This is also paraben-free by the way, a major plus as many luxury skincare products are still made with the evil ingredient.

There is one more product I received but have not used, Revitalizing Anti-Aging Day Creme, it’s almost made of .5% retinol and I wanted to wait until we get out of this triple digit weather before doing so. Look for the review when the weather turns cool. If you want to try one thing, I highly recommend the Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Night Creme. Yes, it’s quite expensive but you only use a small amount 2-3 times a week so it will last you a very long time. And let’s be honest here, it’s half the cost of botox and a lot more natural looking.



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  1. I’m trying to decide if I should purchase the Cle de Peau Eye Contour Balm Anti-Wrinkle or the Le Metier de Beaute Revive Eye Concentrate. Have both in samples and like both but would like your take on it. Thanks!