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Michael Kors Spring 2012 Collection: The Thrill of the Hunt

Out of the Lebombo Lodge (a game reserve resort in Singita that Kors resently visited) and onto your shoulder. Michael Kors Spring showing was a cornucopia of memories and remnants brought back from Africa, the bags included. Patchwork animal prints, hand-done tie-dyes, cashmere-linens, flowing caftans, and rugged gladiator sandals abounded. The brazenly earthy bags captured the essence of the new Michael Kors character: an American woman who travels the world, not afraid to get a little dirty – or tussle with some wildlife, for that matter, and does so in a confidently glamorous fashion.

Crossbody bags, in canvas and exotics, were slung across torsos and thick, knotted leather fanny packs (more like accessorized belts, in some cases) sat comfortably on the hip – she needs her hands free! For me, it’s a toss-up between the cinnamon antelope grummeti messenger and python sabora crossbody. With all the texture of high-shine, distressed suedes, and hearty weaves, Kors satisfies both the safari-traipser and sidewalk-strutter.




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  1. OMG-these are the best things I’ve seen in a long time. Love the waist bags, the colors and textures. When will they be in the stores?

  2. I have not purchased a Michael Kors bag for a while…that may change this spring….I am a little afraid to purchase suede, but some of the suede bags above I love!

  3. While these bags are beautiful, my fear is that it will result in increased poaching of crocodiles and antelopes in the name of fashion. Once the fashion catches on, the knock-offs from Asia will start to arrive, and where do you think they will get their materials if not cheaply from poaching. Think twice before you buy!