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Prada Spring 2012 Collection: Shut Up and Drive

Oh, Miuccia! Wonders never cease to jump forth and blossom from her incredible mind. For Prada‘s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, she wrestled with imagining a true union between aggressive and sweet; for the outcome, she revved her creative engines, and set the tone with a garage-themed set. A slick palette for sugary pastels, deep no-nonsense colors, and lines enforcing the idea of 220-mph action. The patent-leather shoes, made up of color-coded flowing shapes were punctuated with superhero-chic wings and delicate toy-like rockets, both about to take flight. At the toes cartoonish bows and opulent jewels, if anything, but such adornments were countered with wild flames spiraling from the backs of the heels. Fit for both Judy Jetson and Sandra Dee, or maybe a modern-day conglomerate of the two, Miuccia’s new mood is thoroughly futuristic yet feels retro at the same time. The piercing heels and sweeping curves of these greased-lightning high heels had true beauty to them, especially in the lightly pointed toes, lush skins, and flattering cutouts. Humor, strength, and a need for speed infused into the sweet and the tough: a combination that most designers aspire to, one that Miuccia Prada always hits brilliantly.

Photo Credit: Vogue



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  1. Not sure what to say….love the basic shoe, the flames and tail lights (that is a tail light, right?) I am not so sure about.