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Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder: Welcome Matte


You know that feeling when your hair is just a little too clean? My naturally thick hair tends to make the most of a good shampooing, but every now and then you want a little more control without reaching for the hairspray. Schwarfkopf‘s OSiS Dust It powder is a finicky product, but if you use it rather sparingly and with a light hand, you can get perfectly styled, exceptionally undone hair. Use too much and it does the reverse of dry shampoo – the mildly mattifying properties turn intense and you have a head full of junk, taking “second day hair” to third day level.

So apply the silica formula with discretion – a light dusting at the crown of your head and you get the voluminous effect of teasing without the comb. Sprinkle it on top and shake it through your mane and find loosely textured locks. If you’re playing it extra-safe, which is what I did on first try, pepper some into the palms of your hands and then run it through your hair for some tousle. Even if this doesn’t replace your texturizers and hairsprays, Dust It is a product every snob should have in her hair product arsenal. On Amazon for $19.75.



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