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SK-II Signs Eye Mask: Signs of Life


Packing for New York Fashion Week, I made sure I had my entire box of SK-II face masks in my arsenal, but I didn’t have what I really needed: their Signs eye mask (when you work 15 hours a day and sleep five, the eyes give it all away!). Luckily, not only is SK-II in sync with my skin, they’re in sync with my schedule: the day I arrived in the city, I got a PR pitch for the eye mask. They sent a single pack to my hotel so I could give it a test run, and I loved it so much I dashed straight over to Saks and bought an entire box!

Soft cotton crescents are moisturizing to the max and enhanced with Pitera, as well as an exclusive cell treatment complex. Apply the pair to your under-eye area and don’t waste the precious excess serum left in the package – use your fingertips to lightly pat it into your lids. Fifteen minutes is all you really need, but I like to leave the mask on while I blog and don’t remove it until it’s literally dry (about an hour or so) to get the ultimate benefits. This is the most hydrating eye mask I have ever used – and obviously a must-try! Even an editor for the Daily News called me out on his Twitter, wanting to know my secret for looking so radiant at 9am shows when he knows I went to bed late. A secret no more! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $110.



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  1. Are SKII products sold in United States made in US? I’ve heard of some Japanese women swearing off SKII products after the unfortunate radiation incident in Japan. Apparently, even the water supply has some radiation.