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Sugarbooger Feeding Collection: Got You Covered


This is one of those things that seem so simple and obvious, yet no one else has thought of it. The Sugarbooger feeding collection is your basic melamine bowls, plates and cups but the sippy cups and the bowls have a very smart feature. The sippy cup has an easy top meant for teaching your tot to transition to regular cups – and the cup is a regular cup when the top is off! So now you won’t have a cabinet full of sippy cups when they no longer use them!! And the bowl – hello, when has your tot ever finished a meal? This keeps their food kinda fresh while covered until they are ready to graze some more. This is also a great way to prepare food in advance and keep it in the fridge especially for things like fruit. And obviously for leftovers (which dad finishes when he gets home!). The designs are super cute and they are dishwasher safe, without cracking after prolonged use!! Non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free and lead free. Covered bowl is $17.87 , ABC Sippy Cups are $9.83 , and Matryoshka Doll Cups are $10.32 .



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  1. I LOVE these! They are great quality and my 2 year old loves all the different designs they make! Way better than the “main stream” dishes that are available. I looked for them everywhere and found a great deal on the at Some are up to 40% off! Glad that others have found these and love them as much as I do!