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Alexander McQueen: She’s Got the Look


Every fashion fiend has one. A “look” that she feels most comfortable wearing (think of Emmanuelle Alt’s Marant- and Balmain-heavy blazer-and-jeans uniform or Giovanna Battaglia’s sense of pencil-skirted structured-glam). Instead of completely changing my style ever season, I tend to stick with a few silhouettes I know work best on my body and update the vibe with fresh colors and fabrics.

And here it is: THIS is my look. I think you’ll find it unsurprising that the big winner is once again, Alexander McQueen. Call McQueen my spirit designer, this is the balance of loose and tight, structure and slouch, masculine and feminine that I seek when it comes to getting dressed. The angular vest, almost like a piece of soft armor, has sharp geometry that’s given a surprisingly soft effect set in frayed tweed. With a waist-cinching leather belt that functions like a wearable, modern corset and tailored leather leggings, the result is a measured mix of tough and gentle that will never get old.

Frayed Tweed Sleeveless Jacket at Alexander McQueen for $3,195.

High-Waisted Stretch Leather Cropped Trousers at Alexander McQueen for $3,360.

Black Shiny Pony Waist Belt at Alexander McQueen for $630.



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  1. I love this outfit, but I don’t think I could ever wear this out, I don’t have the confidence and I live in a town of 70000 in Ohio where it’s perfectly acceptable to go out in sweats and sandals and socks to a nice dinner.