Balenciaga Carreaux Pochette: Buckled Up or Hit Below the Belt?

Now this isn’t what I would call a bad-looking clutch. In fact, this pochette is quite pretty. But the thatched leather, glazed to have a brushed look, reminds me too much of seatbelt bags. Not exactly a reference I want my $1,300 designer clutch to bring to mind! Besides such a basic black style (just a simple flap-front tube) makes it look too typical and puts all the emphasis on the vaguely successful texture (without the automotive connotation, it’s pleasing to the eye). I wish Balenciaga had been impelled to add more to this – I know they have it in them! At least I’m hoping they do. Some imagination would have elevated this from “eh” to “oooh!” and taken the buckle-up vibe out of the equation. What do you think? Snob or slob? At Barneys New York for $1,295.

2 thoughts on “Balenciaga Carreaux Pochette: Buckled Up or Hit Below the Belt?

  1. Balenciaga bags never got past the motorcycle bag. This is something you can find at Payless. Slob this.

  2. I give them credit for trying something new. I’m so over the motorcycle bags.

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