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Bel Mondo Anti-Aging Bio Cellulose Mask: Beautiful World, Beautiful Face


I’m always wary of brands I’ve never heard of (especially when my face is involved!), but this anti-aging mask is a MUST-TRY! If you want a spa experience-level, deeply hydrating facial, this at-home treatment is as close as you can get to booking a session.

For my first try, I carefully read the ingredients, tested it on my arm, and waited an hour before swathing my face. I found it best to lie down for about twenty minutes and relax.

The Bel Mondo Anti-Aging Bio Cellulose mask consists of three layers (with a gelatin-like feel) that calm, hydrate, and soothe the skin. The key to its effectiveness is the algae extract, containing trace elements, nutrients, and amino acids that are deeply penetrating and enriching. Keratin and hyaluronic acid help firm and plump, and ceramide builds a moisture barrier for your skin. After one treatment, my face was tight, toned, and glowing all day. Unfortunately, it didn’t last more than that one luminous day. So, buy a single sheet if you don’t want to commit to the entire box, since it is very expensive. But do try it – it sure beats the price of the spa! At Bel Mondo for $22 (for a single mask) or $90 (for five masks).



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