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Bottega Veneta Python Wedge Sandals: Back That Heel Up

Sandals have gotten so strapped out, over-buckled, and pumped up over the last few years that it’s easy to forget how good negative space can look. Sleek and ladylike describe these pared-down python wedges by Bottega Veneta. The delicately placed straps and slender wedge accentuate the foot in a refined, elegant way. Admittedly, you have to have attractive feet to wear them well, as there is virtually nothing but a couple of sexy, scant straps to hide them. But a slender, nicely angled wedge elongates anyone’s lower leg, especially when there is no bulk to get in the way. Just a simple slingback and minimal cross-straps over the toe. I love the varied tones of the python, from muted gold to rich caramel and deep bronze. The best part? Since you see the vast majority of the shoe from the back view (it’s all about the heel), you’ll give people something to remember as you stroll by. On Net-a-Porter for $960.

Pair with: A delicious clutch that doesn’t only enhance these light luxurious sandals but goes with almost everything in your closet. Lanvin’s envelope sac reveals a deep sense of chic for fall, with polished details (like slender metal and just a dab of perfect stitching) that put it over the edge. Lanvin Envelope Sac, $2,245.



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