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Claudio Riaz The Collection Set: Get the Brush Off


We spend so much money on products (isn’t it easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of fresh packaging and new releases?), we tend to forget that the tools we use for applying our makeup are just as important, if not more so. Many makeup artists will tell you with the right brushes, they can make the cheapest of drugstore makeup look divine. I love my brushes; they are a true investment. You buy a good brush and it will literally last you a lifetime. The very first She Uemura brush I purchased when I was 17 is still in use today! In perfect condition!

That’s why every beauty snob and makeup junkie should have (or wants) Claudio Riaz‘s ultimate collection, the orgasmic dream of brush sets. With 24 tools in all, covering every contour you could ever possibly want to apply to your visage, you also know you’re getting superiority. Riaz is known for his immaculate quality of brushes that are designed to do the job like a pro, and this mega-collection comes in a gorgeous wraparound case for easy access and mobility. If there really is a Santa Claus, this will be under the tree for me this year! At Barneys New York for $1,525. All the brushes are also sold separately. But the fantasy is of course to have them all!!!



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