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Envirosax Halloween Bag: What’s In Your Bag of Tricks?


Come October 31st, when your kids’ costumes have finally been perfected and all they have is heaps of candy on the brain, don’t dare even consider that orange-and-black felt bag. Even the round plastic pumpkin is a Halloween has-been, not to mention NOT cute. This year, treat your little trickster to the cutest trick-or-treat bag that ever was: pale pink with a cheeky black cat says, “I’m savvy” in more ways than one.

Leave it to eco-friendly Envirosax, of the original reusable tote, to come up with a perfect holiday solution. Light as a feather and shockingly durable, this street-smart satchel ensures no ripping, plenty of room and durability for more candy than your tot’s system can handle (it can fit up to 44lbs. – just don’t tell them that!), and it’s reusable once all that sugar wears off. So be sure to keep this stowed away for annual use, and if you happen to lose track of it, no big deal. The best part is the Buy One Get One Free deal (just enter code: blackcat2 when purchasing) – now that’s a real treat! On Envirosax for $8.95.



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