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Fenton Silver and Onyx Cuff Bracelets: War and Peace


Always-eclectic Fenton jewelry is fantastical mix of chains, pearls, beads, rhinestones, and even sometimes fur and ribbon. Designer Dana Lorenz has a knack for bringing together dueling personalities, like the kooky and the classic, in an energetically excessive fashion. Now she has combined Shambhala-style beads, which everyone is crazy about at the moment, with her trademark tough girl-chic aesthetics.

These rather threatening cuffs are a dream for the girl who does Vinyasa and Ashtanga religiously, but despite her need for peace, loves her heavy metal. Human form gets rock ‘n’ roll edge on the silver cuff, but instead of infusing expected skulls, bones take on a graceful yet menacing feel. The onyx beads keep the bracelet grounded – and pretty – amidst all those spikes. For a softer, though equally bold look, Baroque-inspired details take over the primarily onyx cuff.

As much as I’m into the hard-soft aesthetic when it comes my jewels, I might have to leave these to the childless for now. I’m concerned cuz my six-year-old is often stabbed by studs on my belts and bracelets – those are usually harmless but razor-sharp spikes are another story!

Silver and Onyx Bone Cuff Bracelet at Barneys New York for $525.

Onyx and Silver Beaded Cuff Bracelet at Barneys New York for $600.

Pair with: Mix movable comfort and bad-girl bite with Rick Owens Lilies’ jersey leggings. They’re semi-sheer and totally relaxed, so you can do your Reverse Warrior, then hit the rock show. On Net-a-Porter for $415.




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