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Gucci Little Pig and Moby Dick Coin Purses: The Gucci Menagerie

Have you ever seen anything cuter than these baby whale (a.k.a. calf) and piglet change purses ($250)? Well, they would be the cutest if it weren’t for the Gucci monogram, but in this case I don’t even mind. I have always held a soft spot for pigs, (that’s my Chinese zodiac sign), but little Moby Dick with his three-dimensional fins is totally precious! The piggy’s zipper pull, doubling as a curly tail is pretty adorable, too. The well-positioned zipper, with a seam serving as the perfect spot for a mouth, only adds to the charming effect.

At four inches in length, they’re a substantial size, making them quite useful for change, knickknacks, and whatnot. I love both so much – they are like little pets for my tote. And even though I’m not in need of yet another pouch in my bag (the coin compartment in my wallet is enough), I might be tempted to make exception out of pure emotional attachment.

2 thoughts on “Gucci Little Pig and Moby Dick Coin Purses: The Gucci Menagerie”

  1. I actually saw the 2011 Monogram canvas
    in person yesterday, and it was gorgeous! I loved that the handles weren’t stiff and that they could be adjusted to the length you wanted them to be. The bag was definitely spacious and I would consider it comparable to the Louis Vuitton Beverly
    by Louis Vuitton. I also liked the bag much better in brown than in vanilla.

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