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Hampton Mist Continuous Sunscreen: A One-Shot Deal


I went through so many sunscreens this summer I felt like I was conducting my own science experiment, and after trying them all, this is number one in the sun. Hampton Sun Continuous Mist Sunscreen is a truly lightweight, water-resistant spray that provides all the protection you need with none of the grime. The most notable difference between this and other sprays is that the mist is very, very fine. In fact, it is so fine that it requires no rubbing in, which mean no risk of streaks. I just spray this on after I have my full makeup on. The mist also catches my neck and chest so I get fully covered with one shot. You sure don’t need a lot to get the full benefits of sun protection. For full body coverage it only takes five seconds – again, because no rubbing required!

I do admit that most sunscreen sprays work well, but this one is exactly what it says – a continuous mist that does not clog. The scent is not choking (like so many others) and you won’t find yourself holding your breath to avoid breathing in a heavy cloud of spray. Just because summer’s over, it doesn’t mean the sun won’t damage your skin! So, spray away! At Sephora for $32.



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  1. Sunscreen is so important and should be a requirement in everyone’s beauty routine. I love that you can spray this on after you have applied your makeup without ruining it or clogging your pores. Even if your daily moisturizer has SPF in it, it’s always important to play it safe, and give your skin extra protection.