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Hermes Birkins Galore at!

If you are an Hermes addict (I mean, what bag snob isn’t?!), you must click over to asap to see their amazing Hermes bag sale! has become our latest addiction, but no need to feel guilty for this habit, the deals are amazing and the more you buy, the more you are actually saving! Okay, so that’s my own rationale but whatever works! Check out the Hermes sale that just started right now here!

Be Prepared to battle, ladies!



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  1. I am not particularly crazy about the Hermes Birken bags, they remind me too much of bags my grandmother would have choosen to carry. Some are ok, like the very oversized tote in solid colours. I am boggled by the popularity of them, its perhaps due to the Kardashian sisters devotion to the brand. They do kind have a naughty school mistress/dominatrix kinda vibe going on. Give me my Prada bags, forever.

  2. No offense to them but the Kardashians have nothing to with the birkin craze. It was Sex and the City that set it off and stars like SJP and Victoria Beckham that pitched the fever to it’s current high.