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Jil Sander Leather Wedge Ankle Boots: Making the Cut

I have to give Raf Simons due credit for this polished bootie. His unique, overtly modern sensibility is in full effect. This is the most sophisticated wedge boot I’ve ever seen. While most wearable wedges, in simple black ankle boot form, look perfunctory, ordinary, or downright dull, this rendition is so keen you almost forget it is a wedge.

What does it take? Nothing more than shiny black leather (not that there’s anything groundbreaking there) sculpted into a 5”-high-heeled almond-toe shape – sleek but also casul. One clasp fastener of brass hardware – ski boot enthusiasts take note: a single buckle is enough to get in on the trend without risking overkill. Surprising white stitching all around, particularly appealing on that back panel – a clean, fresh detail that makes it truly Jil Sander. And one unexpected cutout, a genius detail that breaks up the bulk of the wedge while maintaining its comfort. You might not tell from look at it, but the cutout serves a practical purpose: to hold the label’s stirrup pants (made with Velcro closure) in place. I actually prefer it for decorative purposes – that way you get to flaunt all the fabulous details of this wicked wedge. On Net-a-Porter for $1,395.

Pair with: What’s better than these Jil Sander wedges? Getting to wear them with a shearling aviator jacket, also by the brand. This is as sumptuous as cropped leather gets. On Net-a-Porter for $4,675.



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