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Mandy Coon Python Embossed Leather Backpack: The Comeback Kid

Credit Alexander Wang or the influences of early nineties grunge on street style, backpacks are making a comeback. And I’m not talking about the ones to hold your Trapper Keepers. These days, backpacks are designed for high, if not slightly ironic, style. Look at Mandy Coon – the directional Texan knows the nylon Prada backpack girl (or think, Cher toting her Mongolian-lambskin mini-backpack to class in “Clueless”) is all grown-up and on the hunt for something with sophistication.

Yes, like python! But this embossed leather rucksack (real python might be too decadent for such a toss-around style) isn’t all about the skin – it’s the snaky belt-strap details and slouch that bring a necessary city-girl vibe. Don’t mind the overly stuffed, square look in the photo – without all the packing, it’s more formfitting and less rigid. This fall, instead of fussing with a shoulder bag that keeps sliding off your coat as you shuffle around town, take this to work. Coon’s backpack is not only fabulous, but easy on your life – and back! On Ssense for $1,125.

Pair with: Hit the road with some kicked-up edge. Camilla Skovgaard’s polished-rugged style is just right for working a backpack – dressing it up without taking it out of context. On Luisa Via Roma for $613.



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