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Michael Kors Leather Clutch: Out of the Blue

I always have the blues. For the color, that is. I could ogle over blue bags until I’m blue in the face. Okay, you get the picture! But it can’t just be any old blue. While navy is nice and indigo is intriguing, turquoise can tempt and sapphire might satisfy, there is something about this particular shade of cobalt – powerful, strong, so bold it’s even neutral – that really speaks to me.

Michael Kors’ could make a cluttered garage sale look sleek and chic if he had to. It doesn’t get much more sophisticated than this slick, smooth, and shiny calf-leather clutch. While the hue defines it, it’s the hardware that makes it. A pop of silver with a lock-and-key detail adds something special; so does metallic champagne leather lining. The size is solid and an optional shoulder strap doesn’t hurt either (although, I have a feeling I’ll be using this in strictly clutch form). Who knew singing the blues could look so good? On Net-a-Porter for $395.

Pair with: Dare to turn this out with a pair of wild two-tone pumps. Leave it to Victor & Rolf to take red suede and black leather and turn it into something fiercely dramatic. Victor & Rolf Suede and Calfskin Pumps, $1,112.



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