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Ralph Lauren Toddler’s and Little Boy’s Wale Corduroy Jacket: Let’s Hope He Follows Suit


As improbable as it might be, what I’m really dying to see is a little boy in a full Armani suit. Odds are our tots won’t be getting quite that suave any time soon (it’s okay – they have plenty of time!). When it comes to dressing up boys, it’s much more practical to look towards reality.

This Ralph Lauren jacket merges my snappy fashion fantasies with the real deal. With a corduroy jacket, playing holiday dress-up can be cool, not stuffy. A tailored fit and classic leather buttons bring a smart, grown-up element to his style. So snap that picture while he’s all suited up; then he can take off the coat and play until it’s time to cover up again when you go outdoors. Just make sure you dress him with the modern edge his youth demands. Please, no tacky, Bill Cosby-worthy snow-flake and moose sweaters!!! At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $155.



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