Rebecca Minkoff MAC Laptop Case

I have no trouble looking for and locating any bag your heart desires (I mean, it’s my job you know) but finding a cool laptop case?! That has proven to be the most difficult search! Well search no more, I believe I have finally found THE one from Rebecca Minkoff! Yes there are plenty of cute laptop cases around but you know me, functionality is just as important as style. And this one one has plenty of both. Edgy embossed metallic snakeskin makes it look like a real bag, front pocket to hold discs and hello– there is a detachable shoulder/body strap! Hallelujah! I’m tired of carrying my laptop in a sleevestyle case and holding it like I’m walking down the hall of junior high or having to find another bag to put the laptop case in. Now I can just sling my laptop over my shoulders and go to my meetings or travel destinations carrying the bag I want to carry, not the ones that fit my laptop.

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  1. Perfect briefcase and so pretty!

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