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Renée Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment: Bye Bye, Blemish!


This past Monday, I tweeted about a giant zit on my cheek and how it was getting bigger by the hour. I was a very good girl about it. I never touched it; I tried various unnamed products; I even left toothpaste on it one night, all to no avail.

Lucky for me, Renée Rouleau saw my tweet and immediately sent me a bottle of her Anti-Cyst Treatment. By the time I received it on Wednesday, “Leonard” was the size of a pea (I named my zit because I swear I saw it breathing as it grew to epic proportions!). I applied it the minute I opened the package and then reapplied it at bedtime. And I am happy to report this morning that Leonard has shrunken by 80% and is just the tiniest bump of his old self!

Since adult acne often appears in the form of a blemish or cyst deep in the skin, it needs special treatment (certainly not squeezing or picking, as this only aggravates it). Well, this is the product we’ve been waiting for. It works wonders. Just ask Leonard! I will continue to use it, and I will definitely keep this bottle in a safe place for emergencies. If you’re prone to adult acne, this is a MUST! At Renée Rouleau for $39.50.

Pair with: Don’t waste a minute before you apply the Anti-Cyst Treatment, but in the meantime, cover your blemish completely with Bobbi Brown’s Face Touch-Up Stick, an ingenious on-the-go cover-up that will also freshen your foundation. At Bobbi Brown for $23.



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  1. The Bobbi Brown touch-up stick can also be used as foundation in a pinch (same formula as her foundation stick), so toss it in your evening bag and go!!

  2. I’ve heard that meleluca (how do you spell that?) oil helps with zits, blackheads, etc. I’ve been trying it on my nose, but I don’t know if it works or not.