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Rowdy Sprout Beatles Hoodie and Duran Duran T-Shirt: Rock On


Now here are two fabulous boys’ pieces representing my two favorite bands of all time – The Beatles and Duran Duran! I went to see Duran Duran just the other day, and they are still amazing! I actually wish I were old enough to have seen the Beatles; and that shows you how much I love them – I’m actually wishing to be older?! There’s nothing wrong with undue musical influence from the parents, especially if the choices are as sound as these.

The Rowdy Sprout Beatles hoodie is not only cool, but also handy. It’s an easy layering piece for everyday. It has a simple button-up style and two front pockets – and of course, that famous Beatles logo on the chest pocket, and the Revolution logo across the back. The Rowdy Sprout Duran Duran tee is a classic. It makes me wish I could find my original! This baseball style shirt has a long sleeve and crew neck, and feels as soft as a vintage one (like mine would feel if only….). Both of these Rowdy Sprout pieces are great, and the best part is these sale prices are as vintage as the bands they represent! Beatles Hoodie, $29.90 (from $46) and Duran Duran T Shirt: $19 (from $38) on Grom Farm.



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