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Stella McCartney Foil-Print Cotton and Silk-Blend Clutch: Trick of the Trade

Is it leather? Is it voluminous? Is it crinkled all over? Believe it or not, this clutch is none of those things. There is no ruching, draping, or crimping going on here. Stella McCartney has just devised a seriously deceptive print for her Fall collection! One part Pop Art, two parts optical illusion, and all parts animal product-free, she’s produced the effect of crinkly metallic leather in a completely smooth – and vegan – clutch. And I am fascinated!

While this tricky print doesn’t read with total ease on the dresses she sent down the runway, it translates perfectly to clutch form. Stella is unwavering in her vegan ways and it’s quite inspiring to see such dedication to what you believe in – it’s hard to imagine this is simply made of a special silk and cotton blend. It’s practical, too; I love an oversized clutch, but big sizes get heavy in leather. This is as lightweight as can be. And who needs it when fabric looks this good? A “crinkly” golden treasure that will instantly glam up any old dress, this is sure to be a holiday-party staple. Which is why I’m really craving it…right now! On Net-a-Porter for $665.

Pair with: Stella loves a good black jumpsuit, and Yves Saint Laurent‘s satin one-piece makes for an unmatched party look. With a silk-chiffon collar and dangerously deep V, it has real depth and dimension.
On Luisa Via Roma for $1,990.



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