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Versace for H&M: H&M Turns Up the Italiano Heat


Sure, Alber Ebaz for Lanvin did it, but I never thought I’d see the day that Donatella would join the ranks of couture-meets-High Street. And here she comes with a bang! This just might be the most powerful high-low collaboration to date.


Think bright prints – Asian, Greek, tropical, wild – and you’ve conjured Versace for H&M. Donatella has outdone herself with this enticing collection that runs the gamut from sexy, fierce dresses to studded leather jackets to neon pants in frantic florals. This collection is not for the demure or timid. This is all about putting it out there – bold, in-your-face pieces that scream personality. (Oh, but there is that LBD – just to cover all bases.) Versace evokes “Gauguin at a Nightclub” with festive island prints made to be worn by the young and the restless. They pull out all the punches, even doing a modern take on such classic Versace icons as the Greek key – this design is found in studs wrapping a leather jacket at the hip, at the bottom of a baby-doll dress, slithering up the sides of a yellow shift, and on a basic belt! The dresses have those audacious cuts typical of the aesthetic Gianni would approve of – straps and peek-a-boos where you don’t quite expect them. They’re sensuous and flirty, and even pretty.

This line for H&M, bound to cause major shopping moshpits, also includes outrageous costume jewelry, scarves, belts, bags, and shoes. It will take a special kind of guy to carry the menswear, but if you’ve got the sass, then flaunt it. A head-to-toe pink suit? Shocking, and kind of amazing! The same goes for the studded leather jacket and matching Bermuda shorts.

With this exciting collection there’s something for everyone – that is, everyone who’s bold and bodacious.




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