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Zagliani Small Tomodachi Bowling Bag: Beauty is Skin-Deep

Zagliani is known for their skins and for good reason: they do skins right. What makes them stand out in a sea of luxury bags? While the company was founded back in the thirties, in the eighties it was rediscovered by Mauro Carella, who has a background in dermatology. Obsessed with the lovely skin of all creatures, he perfected methods for giving Zagliani’s bags lush, top-of-line texture.

Their latest, the small Tomodachi bowling bag accentuates that famous texture, with a fluidly lined shape that doesn’t compete for attention. It’s the ideal fusion of sheer decadence and sophisticated restraint. But this fine selection does pose one problem: between python, ostrich or crocodile, I can’t decide which one is best. Is it too greedy to want all three? Not in my world (where fairy tales come true)!

If you’re talking best value, the hands-down choice is the matte eclipse-blue python ($2,900). Compared to the other more-exotic exotics, it’s the least impressive of the skins, but the rare, rather mysterious color makes it pop and grabs attention. Stepping it up a notch, spotty-dotty ostrich ($7,800). This skin is best-served neutral in order to showcase the wild texture; rosy nude is soft and feminine, without going too powdery and girlish. And then there’s the leader of the pack. If you’re going to take the plunge and invest in croc ($16,900), black is the only way to go and Zagliani rocks it. Soft matte struck with a slight sheen is the absolute best finish for black croc; you maintain that soft hand and get the haughty opulence of sheen. Whichever you favor, your skin will be in.



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  1. omg, these are perfect!!!!! exactly what i’d want in a bag. no flashy hardware or frills, just a beautiful skin and a simple shape

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