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Actifirm: How Important is the Outer Layer?

I’m very often drawn to out-of-the-box packaging. In fact if it wasn’t for fantastic outer layers, I probably wouldn’t own 75% of what’s in my beauty arsenal and I’d be a brand loyalist as soon as I discover an effective product. For obvious sensitive skin-related concerns I’m definitely way more adventurous when it comes to trying out new makeup brands than I am new skincare ones which is why I’m feeling a bit wary about giving Actifirm a whirl…the packaging is totally freaking me out! They’ve got a discovery kit (pictured above), that is reasonably priced at $40 and I’ve been reading up on the brand and so far have only read good things. Nevertheless, the packaging and the colors of the products have not ceased to make me cringe. I do have fine line and often have puffy eyes that I want to treat, but more than anything I want to maintain the healthy skin I already have and even though the descriptions of these products sound highly appealing, I can’t get over the intensity of the packaging.

Would you ever not use a product you heard was good because of how it was packaged? Have you tried Actifirm?


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