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Balenciaga Fluo Neon Sandals: Bright and Early

No sooner than the first fall of rain do I find myself pining for warm weather again (after months of complaining about the heat, mind you). For me, the grass is, apparently, always greener on the other side. Or at least brighter. Especially when I stumble across a couple pairs of neon perfection to stoke the flames of my impatience!

Balenciaga’s bags may not always ring my bell, but their shoes rarely disappoint. When it’s in the form of couldn’t-be-flatter thongs, I have to give extra credit – it’s not easy to make such a relaxed style look so piping-hot. Simple straps of lizard-embossed leather showcase the brand’s trademark, textural palladium studs (so much more powerful on beachy sandals than motorcycle bags, if you ask me!). I also appreciate the nicely padded sole, but unless you’re severely colorblind, these are all about the fluorescence. Electric blue (on a minimal T-strap) or flamingo pink (crisscrossed and strappier)? Decisions, decisions. Oh-so-comfortable and equally chic, I might just have to spring for both and start counting down the days now. At Balenciaga for $575.

Pair with: Now that I’m in vacation-fantasy mode, I’m seeing these heating up the beach with a jet-black swimsuit. Jets by Jessica Allen’s White Label bikini has an old-fashioned cut that’s countered by ultra-modern laser cutouts (very Mark Fast). On Net-a-Porter for $380.



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