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Burberry Quilted Leather Platform Ankle Boot: Buckle Yourself Cozy

When I first saw these I couldn’t imagine myself wearing them. They have the height of a pump/ bootie, yet have the quilted look of a slipper and three large buckles like a… ski boot? However, upon closer inspection I have come to find the Burberry Quilted Leather Platform Ankle Boot cute as a…. snow bootie. They are unique, edgy and could add could be the perfect option for some of those-hard to dress for- occasions. For example: You were invited to a friend’s ski lodge for the weekend, and you know there will be one of those nights where you all go out to a local watering hole for some Irish coffee and there will be that one girl who brought the highest, brightest, most inappropriate pumps in her closet because “she wasn’t sure what the weekend would bring” like all of a sudden a red carpet would magically roll out down the mountain so she wanted to be prepared. In this situation, pulling these would be the perfect “I want to look chic but not stupid” shoes. You have a heel, you have a shape, and you can wear them with some Marc by Marc Jacobs relaxed skinnies and a cozy cable knit sweater by Iro and not look like a lunatic while walking around people who are still in snow pants.

These boots are a great alternative to the normal high flat riding boots or the dressy wedge boots that are all over the map right now. Pick these up at Zappos for $995.


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  1. Great boots. I bought the runway Aviators last fall, and I will be wearing them again this winter. This is a nice spin on the style.