Chanel Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag: The Woman, The Bags, The Legend

I’m having a major Chanel moment (again!) after reading Justine Picardie’s book, Coco Chanel: The Legend and Her Life. Having just attended teatime with Justine, I’m even more obsessed! We all know Chanel will forever be modern and relevant, regardless of the generation and regardless of the trends. But Justine has shed new light on the eternally charismatic woman who forever changed the way we look at clothes.

Justine learned a lot about the icon from Coco’s great-niece Gabrielle (whom she believes to actually be Chanel’s granddaughter). Coco was abandoned by her father and raised by nuns in an orphanage – and there began her obsession with the combination of black and white, among other details we now consider her trademarks. White collars and black dresses were inspired by the nuns’ attire; weighted chains and pearls are reminiscent of rosary beads; and the abbey’s tiled floors are reflected in the quilting of her bags. As she grew older and independent, scent became increasingly important to Coco. She would pour her No. 5 oil on a hot poker iron, so her scent would permeate her apartment (so romantic!).

She also adored tweed because the two major loves of her life were English (who knew she was so enamored with British style?). I have a collection of Chanel tweed jackets of my own, maintaining the collection because I know they will transcend every fashion era. The world of Chanel will always prevail. Just look at how modern one the latest bags looks, a plush yet rugged messenger in tweed. The deeply frayed top-handle brings a playful edge, while a calfskin strap brings it down to earth. The spirit of Coco lives on – I have a feeling she would approve of this new take on the classic bag. $3,100 at or call Korey at CHANEL 214-520-1055.

11 thoughts on “Chanel Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag: The Woman, The Bags, The Legend

  1. Great eyecandy (:

  2. Sandra Rowley on said:

    Well, at least this quilted flap bag has a leather handle instead of the chain one!

  3. I need this bag…. After I get my Red Python VBH Brera.

  4. I love the actual purse, but I HATE The strap, I don’t mind the leather so much, I do a little, but not a deal breaker. What I hate on the strap, is the adjustable little metal pieces, I would rather see a buckle, for adjustability.
    Chanel is raising it’s prices at a fast rate, I expect more than this for my $3,000.00 plus…

    • Bag Snob Tina on said:

      The price increase is really out of control! I saw a lambskin classic flap in medium in gorgeous vert fonce, I thought for sure it was 2800 or 3200 at most. $4300! What…..???? Not even jumbo! I mean… But this, this I love :) xoxo Tina

  5. I like the big,But it’s too expensive for me now

  6. I really love this bag!~ Chanel will never let those people who let it down.

  7. discounthandbag on said:

    um,it’s not my cup of tea.

  8. I am a big Chanel fan but I can’t say I like this bag and I like most Chanel bags. Maybe it’s the tweed material, almost looks like a sweater?

    In other news, I just got my very first Chanel classic flap bag in jumbo black lambskin and black metal! Tina, have you seen those? I saw it on a model in soho once and knew I need the “black on black” jumbo. The Chanel store on Madison came out with a new shipment 2 months ago but think it sold out in a week :D

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